Trampoline Dog Bed


Budget range

Made from a breathable fabric and a sturdy frame, our BUDGET RANGE of elevated dog beds will keep your pet comfortable and loving his bed.

This range offers you

  • a cheap dog bed that elevates your dog up off the floor while still providing comfort
  • a breathable fabric (*means fabric allows the air to pass through) which resists mould and mildew
  • flea and mite-resistant
  • easy assembly and a sturdy steel frame
  • simple, sleek design
  • easy cleaning and maintenance

Small Trampoline Dog Bed
90cm x 60cm x 15cm
Max Load: 25kg

Large Trampoline Dog Bed

102cm x 70cm x 20cm
Max Load: 35kg

XL Trampoline Dog Bed
130cm x 85cm x 20cm
Max Load: 50kg

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Dog bed small, Dog bed large, Dog bed xl

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