Dog Care

Pooper Scooper to Hook on a Leash

We compared 2 well-known portable pooper scooper brands, DogBuddy and MonPtit to find which works the best. Once you’ve had a flimsy bag break in your hand you’ll know why buying a portable pooper scooper is the best money you can ever spend. We suggest products that we believe benefit our community of dog owners. …

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Dog Blankets

The secret to the warmth of this blanket is the thermal layer insert. Why we recommend Furhaven Dog Blankets They are machine washable Water-resistant for those little accidents Reflects heat making it self -warming for a cozy snuggle Available in 4 sizes Protects the furniture from slobber, dog hair and ‘accidents’  No need for electric …

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look after all dogs needs to keep him contented

Best Compostable Dog Poop Bags

post by Martin updated March 24, 2023 We’re talking compostable, biodegradable dog poop bags made from a cornstarch formula, scented bags or bags made for strength. And of course, we all know that sometimes it just has to be all about your budget. The best sellers have been compared here to come up with our …

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How to Get Your Dog to Sleep Later in the Morning

The key to getting a dog to sleep later is to identify why your dog is waking as this determines what measures you need to take to help you and your dog rest more thoroughly. 5 things to check and when you shouldn’t expect your dog to sleep through

How to Clean Dog Bedding

post by Alan updated March 20, 2023 I love my dog but I definitely don’t love the wet-dog smells that come from his bed after he’s been in the rain or playing around in the creek. Try these 6 ways to keep dog bedding clean Add a header to begin generating the table of contents …

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old dogs need warmth on their joints

Boost Your Old Dog’s Health With The Best Dog Food

The best premium dog food brands for aging dogs have the edge because they target the specific nutritional needs of senior dogs. Whether it’s a grain-free diet, weight control, joint issues or super-food boosts to strengthen immune and cognitive health, the best dog food brands are fortified with supplements to help our aging dog through his senior years

diet for older dogs

What Food is Best for my Dog?

Look for the words complete or balanced on packaging as that’s an indicator a good variety of nutrients, vitamins, and protein that your dog needs are included. If your dog is overweight, consider feeding dry kibble over wet food, as dry food tends to have a lower fat content. Carrots, beans, peanut butter, banana and watermelon are some of the best natural food treats for dogs

cocker spaniel eating from a safe stainless steel dog bowl

Canned Dog Food or Kibble – Which is Best?

If you’re wanting the best food for your dog but confused by information from different sources, this article is for you. The dry dog food comparison to canned food describes when it’s most beneficial to feed your dog each type of food and answers the age-old question ‘what’s the best dog food for my dog?’ The best canned food for adult dogs provides a balanced diet and dry food recommendation that’s grain free

a dog that chews destructively needs chew toys

How to Stop Dogs Chewing their Bed / Destructive Chewing

Exploring, teething, hunting and Pica are reasons for dogs chewing. Sometimes this becomes destructive chewing and the problematic behavior has to be changed to keep the dog safe and break the chew and destroy’ mission . Pica can develop if dogs aren’t fed a nutritionally balanced diet.

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