Puppy Advice

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How to Help Your Puppy Settle Quickly

Your pup might be a little nervous and not want to eat or drink immediately, but he’ll be more comfortable knowing it’s there when he needs it. First tip, choose stainless steel food bowls rather than plastic and make sure they’re cleaned regularly. There’s sound reasoning for this recommendation

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FAQ’s About Feeding Puppies

If there is any time to spend more money on your dog’s diet it’s when they are a puppy. It’s such an important time in our pup’s development and we’re sharing answers to faq’s that identify the best grain free puppy food, the best-canned puppy food, best dry food for puppy, and top brands. Healthy snacks for the puppy that’s always hungry.

how to get a puppy to settle in his new home

How to Get a Puppy to Sleep and Why It Can Be Hard

By 12 weeks of age, the pup may be starting to sleep mainly at night. Unfortunately, this is also when many pups are moved from their litters into a new home with a new owner. Their routine is disturbed, essentially undoing the natural progression to sleeping during this period.

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