Heated Pet Bed : Optional Low level Electric Heating


Gift your dog the gift of comfort with this fleece-heated dog bed.

A cozy, snoozing retreat for your furry companion with optional electric heating.

Your dog will appreciate the warmth and the easy step into the bed. And if he’s struggling with stiff joints, it’s year-round comfort.

Product Details

Brand: Tail Waggers

Material: Crafted from orthopedic foam, fleecy fabric cover

Dimensions: 85cm x 63cm x 15cm (length x width x depth)

Key Features

  •  a comforting spot for your dog to snooze
  • option of low-level heat to soothe your dog and improve his well-being
  • orthopedic foam core offers support
  • wrapped in a soft and durable polyester fleece fabric cover for coziness
  • equipped with a safe low-voltage power adaptor with on/off switch
  • length of the cord is 186cm

Give your much-loved dog the gift of warmth and comfort with this fleece-heated dog bed.

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