Long Handled Pooper Scooper

You get the dog poop bag out, it’s time to clean up the backyard, again, and your back aches just thinking about bending down. If you know there just has to be a better way to clean up the dog poop,  you’re right, and we’ll show you how with the long handled pooper-scoopers we’ve featured here.

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    taking my dog for a walk with collapsible long handled pooper scooper in backpack

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    Long Handled Pooper Scooper and Rake Set

    A metal pooper scooper is the perfect product for cleaning up after your dog in the backyard and if it has an adjustable long-handle, that’s makes it an even better choice.

    These are the important things to look for:

    The rake should be flexible enough to work on grass or pathways and the product we’ve featured teams with the scooper for a quick and easy pick up.

    • A scooper that is aluminium and stainless steel construction
    • A non-stick coating is important
    • Product should be rust resistant
    • You should be able to hang it up out the the way
    • A manufacturer that backs their product

    If you choose an aluminium and stainless steel design you’ll find the scooper tends to be stronger and last longer than plastic.

    Look for a product with a non-stick coating. For obvious reasons this is a major benefit.

    Being rust-resistant is an asset. The pooper-scooper cleans off easily after use with the hose. And if you’re like me and leave it out occasionally because you forget to put it away, it’s not going to be a problem.

    Hooks are important so the product can be hung in the garage or workshop out of the way but it’s still easily accessible to grab when needed. And you always know where it is. No more hunting around the yard to find it.

    If you’re going away the whole unit can be disassembled to take with you. It folds up for compact packing.

    We’ve found a handy little unit that ticks all the boxes and is a real winner.

    By the way, the manufacturer of this pooper scooper set offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Can’t get better than than.

    Scoop and Shovel All in 1 Pooper Scooper

    Simply pull the lever to open the jaws and the ‘teeth’ grab the poop into the scoop.

    This product is lightweight and portable enough to take with you on your walks with Fido. It works on all surfaces whether you’re on grass or a pathway.

    • Handle length: a long 32″ handle and very light in weight: at .62kg (1.4lbs). Also available with a medium handle length of 27″. Product weighs .48kg (1.05lbs)

    You won’t be bending over and having to get too close to the action. This pooper scooper is easily operated with 1 hand and does the job of a shovel and scoop at the same time. You can maintain a firm grip on the leash, if you need to, while you clean up.

    By design it has a square, flat-bottom bucket form so the product is able to stand upright itself and the scoop works via a spring action connected to the lever on the handle to open and close the ‘jaws’. 

    You can place a bag over the bucket, so when the waste is scooped, you just need to tie the bottom to the bag, and release the bag straight into the bin with the scooper.

    • Nonsticky
    • Easy to wash
    • Foldable
    • Durable

    A top feature of this product is that it folds up (3 fold) so it can fit in a bag or backpack if you’re going on a long walk. Also easy to pack to take on holiday ready for your walks when you’re away.

    These products do wonders to take pressure off your back so you don’t have to bend over constantly. And they’re the quick, efficient solution to the constant backyard cleanup.

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