All in 1 Pooper Scooper Scoop and Shovel

Simply pull the lever to open the jaws and the ‘teeth’ grab the poop into the scoop. This is a lightweight pooper scooper that’s portable enough to take with you anywhere you decide to go on your walks.

And it works on all surfaces whether you’re on grass or pathways.

Pooper Scoop with a 32'' long foldable handle suitable for lawns, grass and gravel

Why choose to feature this product

  1. Design. It has a square, flat-bottom bucket shape so it can easily stand upright by itself. When the ‘bucket’ is holding the poop, it can stand upright if you want to play with the dog or throw sticks etc. until you get to a bin.
  2. Nonsticky. It’s heavy duty plastic so it’s very easy to wash off and keep fresh and hygenic with disinfectant.
  3. It’s foldable – folds into 3 so it’s convenient to take in a car or pack in a bag.
  4. Good price  – convenient and cheap is a winning combination.

Place a bag over the bucket, so when the waste is scooped, it’s just a matter of tying a knot in the bottom to the bag. Release the ‘jaws’ and drop the bag straight into the bin using the scooper.

The scoop works using a spring action which is connected to the lever on the handle.

If has a ‘jaws’ mechanism which open and close using the handle grip.


One handed operation – take on walks or backyard cleanup

  • Handle length: a long 32″ handle and very light in weight: at .62kg (1.4lbs). Also available with a medium handle length of 27″. Product weighs .48kg (1.05lbs)

If you’ve got a bad back – this is the easy way. You won’t be bending over and having to balance while you clean up the mess.

Easily operated with 1 hand the all-in-one pooper scooper does the job of a spade and scoop. Using just 1 hand means you maintain a firm grip on the leash while you clean up.


Why buy this product


A top feature of this product is that it folds up (3 fold) so it can fit in a bag or backpack if you’re going on a long walk. Also easy to pack to take on holiday ready for your walks when you’re away.

Pooper Scooper, 32'' Long Handle foldable pet pooper scooper with flat bottom

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