Dog Pain Relief

Me with our dog Beepa

How to Safely Exercise an Arthritic Dog

Although arthritic joints are painful for your dog, it’s important to continue modified exercise at a moderate level to relieve dog joint pain and stiffness. Added benefits of exercise are decreased inflammation, increased mobility and blood flow. Understanding why dog joint pain occurs is key.

Pain Relief For Your Dog Suffering With Arthritis

The little groan as he gets up is sometimes the first sign of arthritis in a dog. Natural pain relief starts with ensuring your dog’s diet caters to the specific needs and introducing supplements that contain omega 3 fatty acids. Modify exercise to suit your dog’s limitations but keep a regular routine.

How to Help a Dog with Arthritis

An alternative treatment for dog joint pain is localised cooling that targets the intra-articular space of the hip, elbow or shoulder of the dog. This is where cartilage rubs together, breaks down and becomes damaged. The body responds with swelling and inflammation that can benefit from cooling treatment.

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