Pooper Scooper to Hook on a Leash

We compared 2 well-known portable pooper scooper brands, DogBuddy and MonPtit to find which works the best.

Once you’ve had a flimsy bag break in your hand you’ll know why buying a portable pooper scooper is the best money you can ever spend.

take a portable poop scooper when you walk your dog
We love him – but not the mess. Dog Buddy pooper scooper holds jumbo size bags

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Pooper scoopers that attach to a leash Q&A's
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    Which is the best Pooper Scooper?

    1. If you have a large dog, the large DogBuddy pooper scooper is the one for you because it holds jumbo-sized bags.
    2. For a smaller to medium size dog you may be better off with a DogBuddy because the small size is a little bigger. (Depends on the size dog you have)
    3. DogBuddy backs their products with a manufacturer guarantee, (replace or refund) which speaks to the quality of the product.
    4. If your bottom line is budget, then MonPtit is a cheaper option that gets the job done.

    This is a popular poop scooper with customers and it’s top rated.

    What are the sizes?

    • Small is suitable for small breeds and standard bags. 15 x 12.1 x cm x 5.08(5.9 x 4.8″x 2″) Back extends from 5.08 to 8.64cm (2″ to 3.4″) when open
    • Large size 18 x 15cm (7.1 x 5.9″) takes large bags

    A strong, compact unit. Waste bags are in a compartment that’s integrated into the unit design.

    How do you use a DogBuddy pooper scooper?

    • The extendable back side of the product expands to accommodate the poop bag and waste.
    • Wrap bag over the scooper.
    • Secure the bag into the grip
    • One-handed press clasp mechanism. (It’s similar to using a large bull-dog clip.)
    • Open the jaws of the clip to scoop up waste
    • Tie a knot in the bottom of the bag and carry the secured bag, via the scooper to the bin.
    • Open lever and drop in bin.
    • The device hooks onto the leash which makes it convenient and no fuss to carry while out and about
    • Available in 2 colour options, either green or grey.

    The scooper is easy to manage with one hand so you can keep a firm grip on the leash while you clean up. 

    Doesn’t get much easier and cleaner than this and with a manufacturer money-back guarantee it’s hard to beat.

    Dog Buddy Pooper Scooper refill bags

    Why use DogBuddy with matching branded bags?

    • 100% leak-proof
    • Biodegradable – made from a vegetable based product
    • The extra large size: 41.9cm x 31.75cm (16.5 x 12.5″)
    • 150 bags (10 rolls x 15)
    • Bags are unscented
    • Manufacturer money-back guarantee

    Jumbo sizing makes the bags a good choice if you have a large dog.

    This is the cheaper option, but it will still do the job.

    Just like DogBuddy the compact unit is levered in your hand using a grip that operates much like a bulldog clip. One side of the scooper is expandable. Just pop out the side when it comes time to use it.

    A bag fits easily over the unit and secures into the grip allowing you to scoop up the ‘doggy do’  into the unit in one motion. Then tie a knot in the bottom of the bag. Keep the bag in the unit until you get to the bin and then simply open the unit and drop the bag in the bin.

    Benefits for the MonPtit

    • Portable and compact pooper scooper that attaches to the leash
    • One hand operation of clasp
    • Easy to use
    • Clean-up is done without having to touch with your hands.
    • Integrated dispenser within the unit holds the poop bags so you don’t have to carry them separately
    • Available in 2 sizes small/medium or large
    • Price

    What are the sizes?

    Small is 15cm x 11.5cm (5.9 x4.5″) and width of the container expands 3cm from 5cm to 8cm when open. Suitable for small and medium breeds. 

    Medium/large 18cm x 15cm (7.1″x 5.9″). Container expands 4 cm from 6cm width to 10cm when open for medium and large breeds.

    • Holds bags 6cm (2.36″) in width (product has 1 bag when purchased)

    The scooper hooks on to the leash so it’s easy to take anywhere.

    How does a portable pooper scooper work?

    Check out this manufacturer video to see the MonPtit in action.

    DogBuddy vs Mon Ptit scooper comparison

    1. PriceMonPtit is a cheaper option
    2. Size – The small DogBuddy is slightly bigger by (6cm) than MonPtit small size. There’s no difference in the large sizes.
    3. Guarantee Dog Buddy offers a money-back guarantee on it’s product

    Here’s the actual sizes:

    Product size DogBuddy scooper MonPtit Scooper
    Small A little bigger 15cm x 12.1 x cm x 5.08 (5.9" x 4.8" x 2") 15cm x 11.5cm (5.9" x 4.5")
    Large 18 x 15cm (7.1 x 5.9") 18cm x 15cm (7.1"x 5.9")
    Benefit Money back guarantee Price, it's cheaper

    There’s no question that compostable dog poop bags are best for the environment. But sometimes this comes with a trade-off; finding yourself wrestling with bags that easily tear. A pooper scooper is the answer and one that attaches to the leash gives you a convenient and quick way to clean up.

    We’ve compared 8 compostable poop bags. Click here to find the best for cleaning up your dog’s mess.

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