Heated Dog Bed with Removable Heat Pad


Heated dog bed with a removeable heat pad

Why do we recommend a heated dog bed?

Low-level heat soothes and comforts your pet.

For senior Dogs: A heated dog bed provides a cozy retreat for old dogs to snuggle into. The gentle warmth helps to relieve joint pain and that can make a significant difference for older dogs with arthritis. It’s just a small step for them to move in and out of the bed comfortably.

For puppies: The under-cushion heating helps young pups adjust to independence and the transition away from the litter with comforting warmth.

4 reasons to choose the Pawz electric heated bed

  1. It’s budget-friendly
  2. It’s machine washable.
  3. It’s an all-year-round dog bed with the advantage of a removable heat pad for the cold winter months or when your dog needs extra warmth.
  4. Bite resistant cable

Heating pad: Removeable and the dimensions are 40cm x 40cm. The line length is 180 cm.

Material:  An orthopedic foam core with a soft fleece fabric cover, (polar fleece inside and polyester suede outside). Filling material is PP cotton. (This means a cotton polyfill, a synthetic fiber from polypropylene. It’s often used in cushions, pillows, mattresses and blankets)

Washable: The cover can be removed for machine washing.

Temperature settings: This is a safe low-voltage power adaptor with adjustable settings that range from 25°c to 40 °c.

Use the high setting to rapidly heat the bed so it’s nice and warm when your dog settles down for the night. Either change to the low setting for during the night or turn it off when not needed.

Good to know: The cord is ‘chew-resistant’

PaWz heated pet bed size guide(cm)

(length x width x height)

Size Outside measurement Inside sleeping area
Small 55 x 45 x 18 40 x 32 x 15
Medium 70 x 60 x 18 52  x 44 x 15
Large 90 x 70 x 22 70 x 55 x 20
X Large 120 x 80 x 26 97 x 63 x 24


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Dimensions N/A
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