Washable Dog Blankets

The secret to the warmth and protection of this dog blanket lies in its are 3 layers. It’s the perfect dog blanket for the couch with a faux lambswool, or Sherpa, on one side and warm fleece on the other.

Sandwiched between these layers is a protective barrier that prevents fluids from leaking.

Pet blanket that protects furniture from slobber
Barney loves his cosy dog blanket. And we love that it protects the couch from dog hair and slobber

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It’s comforting, soft and snug for your dog to settle into. And it protects furniture from dog slobber, hair and spills.

Take the blanket with you in the car or carrier to protect upholstery. And if your dog is an anxious traveller, the blanket acts as a comforter. 

Puppies will do what they’re going to do. Accidents are bound to happen. So while you’re visiting friends with your puppy, and when the inevitable happens.. you’re covered. Just put this blanket into the washing machine. 

Wrapped up in super soft fabrics the ‘throw’ dog blanket has a decorative blanket-stitch finish around the edges. Your dog will love snuggling up into this blanket. Just ask our Barney!

The blanket is water-resistant due to the waterproof interior coating. Protect your furniture and save you work. It’s available in these sizes:

  • small 76.2 x 50.8 x 13 cm (length x width x height)
  • medium 101.6 x 76.2 x 1.3 cm
  • large 127 x 102 cm
  • extra large 152.4 x 127 cm

And in a range of colors.

Why we recommend Furhaven dog blankets

  • They’re machine washable
  • Water-resistant for little accidents
  • Self-warming for a cozy snuggle because it relects heat
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Protects the furniture from slobber, dog hair and ‘accidents’
  •  No need for electric power cords.

How to Care for the Furhaven Throw

  • We recommend washing the blanket on a delicate cycle in the washing machine.
  • Use a mild detergent
  • Don’t bleach
  • Air dry

Tip: ‘Fluffing it up’ when it’s dry helps to maintain the shape.


So, I’ve talked about all the things we like, let’s now look at the downsides.

  1. The product is not chew-proof
  2. I’ve seen reviews by users who reported the waterproof interior coating made a crinkling noise.

I remember how much my son loved his favorite ‘blanky’ as a kid. In fact I still remember how much I loved mine too. It was soft; I loved the warm, cosy feel. It was comforting gave a sense of security … and it went everywhere with me … and was the first thing I looked for when I was going to sleep.

Just as we love the familiar feel of our favorite blanket, so does our dog. Familiarity reduces stress, so take it with you when you take your dog out in the car or visiting.

If a new puppy is settling into your home, let him get used to the blanket. It will help him settle and reduce his anxiety. His favorite blanket can help him get used to sleeping in a different space when he’s transitioning from a pup to a dog.

And, like Barney, if your dog loves lounging in all those really comfy spaces like the lounge give the furniture some protection from ‘doggy smells’ and slobber. (And when you sit down on the lounge, you won’t get dog fur all over your black trousers.)

And the best thing, throw the blanket into the washing machine to freshen up, fluff up and it’s ready to go.

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