Winter Den for our Smallest Pets


A snug bed for your tiniest family member, whether a rabbit or a small dog. This soft pet bed is created with easy cleaning in mind and treated to manage odor and bacteria effectively.

Soft and cute, this luxury pet bed is the perfect den for small dogs and rabbits

  • The inner cushion of the den can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • The foam content in the Den is treated with the ‘Ultra-Fresh’ treatment by Dunlop. This is an antimicrobial treatment that works continuously to inhibit dust mites, bacteria, control the growth of mildew. Unpleasant odor is reduced and your pet is more comfortable.
  • Choose from 6 fabric options to complement your style. New Red plush now available on this link.
  • Made in Australia of the highest quality materials your pet will love their ‘home away from home’

Size Chart:

Medium 46cm x 33cm
Large 50cm x 45cm

This cozy bed for small pets is made to order with an estimated delivery time of 3 weeks.

Pet bed is delivered to you with a quality workmanship guarantee.

SPECIAL: FREE delivery for this product.  Use coupon: DELIVERY SPECIAL

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