It’s distressing when your pet starts showing signs of arthritis, or joint pain. 5 symptoms you might notice:

  • difficulty getting up after resting
  • more reluctant to jump into the car or up onto your lap
  • can’t seem to get comfortable when going to bed
  • just slowing up when you go out for your favourite walk
  • pain noises, moans and groans

It’s not all bad news though. There has been substantial research into the symptoms and treatment of arthritis pain in pets, so you don’t have to feel totally helpless.

I thought I’d tell you a little about my experience with our dogs getting old and suffering with arthritis.  Just like us, as our pets get older they often suffer with pain and inflammation of the joints.

One of our dogs, ‘Beepa’ was a ‘bitsa’. Quite a big dog and he had a lovely nature. You could see the charactistics of all sorts of breeds in him at different times.  The vet even said to me one day ‘he has the heart of a greyhound and a bit of dingo in him’.  So he was quite a unique dog and we loved him to bits.

He could jump into the back of my ute in a single bound. He was chasing me one day. I was ducking and weaving in and out of things playing with him. I couldn’t shake him, so I quickly climbed up the Jacaranda tree in the front yard as fast as I could, not thinking. As I looked behind I expected to see him at the base of the tree gazing up at me puzzled. Instead, he had somehow managed to follow me up the tree and was right behind me. I couldn’t believe it and had to grab him quickly in case he fell. I laughed so much and it still makes me smile. A dog in a tree – now that is something that you don’t see every day. He was a great mate and would follow me anywhere.

As he got older it was sad to see my old mate not being able to jump into the ute and being able to do the things that had been so much a part of his life.

dog in pain

relieving joint pain in dogs

The little moan when getting up from a rest and a ‘huff’ when lowering himself down to sleep were signs that age was catching up.

They can’t tell you when they’re in pain. They just soldier on.

The good thing is there are ways we can help them when they start to show signs of joint pain or stiffening.

It’s important to keep taking them for walks. Make sure their bed is nice and soft and warm, especially in winter. And fortunately there are products that can help give them relief.

These medicines are going make life a lot more comfortable and will certainly help to relieve some of the discomfort they’re feeling. I’ve found the liquid glucosamine ++ hip and joint supplement easier to give my dogs. The formula repairs and supports joint and cartilage to help reduce inflammation with retain their mobility.

The medicine is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream to give effective relief. I haven’t had any trouble getting my dogs to take it.