Oilskin Klam


This is the best outdoor dog bed when you’re still wanting that little extra comfort for your dog.


Great dog bed for a sheltered area outdoors, to offer your dog protection from the elements.

  • Versatile and easily adapted to suit the time of year
  • The oilskin fabric is made from excellent Australian coated cotton and available in a choice of either black or brown
  • The klam is lined with sherpa (choice of either black or cream)
  • Includes roof, insides, cushion and front drapes

For a Summer dog bed

  •      Unzip the roof and store away
  •      Turn the cushion over to the cotton side for a cool, comfortable surface

For a Winter dog bed

  •      Zip on the roof
  •      Turn the cushion to the soft, sherpa side
  •      Removeable drapes to offer protection

We offer a quality tradesmanship quality on this product.

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