Heated Dog Beds

Whether you choose a dog bed that’s well padded and lined with a soft sherpa or a heated fleece pet bed, your dog will be more comfortable with a warm place to rest painful joints. Arthritic joints are soothed by heat. 

But it’s not just old dogs with  joint pain that benefit from warmth. Puppies will settle in their new home when they’re separated from the litter.

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Heated pet beds are perfect for older dogs needing extra TLC and feeling the cold.

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Best Heated Dog Beds

Should have a low-rise

The step into the bed has to be manageable without a climb. How big a step up your dog can manage is determined by what stage your dog’s pain is at and of course the size of your dog.

But low-rise doesn’t mean skimping on the padding. There has to be plenty of padding between the ground and the surface where your dog sleeps to stop the chill coming up from beneath the bed.

Being enveloped in a super soft and warm environment makes dogs and puppies calmer. Comfort is soothing.

Our choices for the best beds are those lined with super-soft Sherpa, electric heated dog beds and dog blankets.

However electric heated are not a for teething pups.

What are sherpa lined dog beds?

We all know the comfort of wool and sheepskin. Well sherpa is known as a ‘faux sheepskin’.

It’s a popular, hard-wearing fabric often used to line jackets and an alternative to using an animal product without losing the benefits.

It rates very much like wool or sheepskin in the snuggle and comfort stakes.

A blend of cotton and synthetic-like polyester materials are used in the manufacture of Sherpa. The fabric is known for its cushioning properties and with a shape designed for insulating, we get a product with very similar properties to wool and sheepskin.

Benefits of Sherpa dog beds

  1. Sherpa gives insulating properties
  2. Sherpa draws moisture away from the skin so the skin stays dry, (it acts much like cotton).
  3. Sherpa is easy to launder. Wipe stains off, and use a mild detergent to launder in cold water.
  4. Sherpa is not an animal product
  5. The fabric is soft, thick but still lightweight.

An ideal dog bed for a small to medium arthritic dog is the swag. We like this one because it’s low to the ground for a small dog making it easy for him to get in and out of the bed, move around and snuggle into. 

The klam is a good choice for all dogs and has size options to suit small/medium or a larger dog.

Adapt for warmer weather, Both of these dog beds can be adapted to accommodate warmer weather by removing the zip-off removable cover. 

Electric Heated Dog Beds.

Electronic heated dog beds work well. Just plug in the low-voltage heater to warm up the bed for your dog ready for him to climb into. These are not ideal for teething pups or mischievous dogs.



An orthopedic foam core  provides comfort and balance to take pressure off the problem joints.

The fabric cover is soft and fleecy. Material is a polyester/polyester fleece so it’s easy to clean.

Size is an oval shaped 85cm x 63cm; suitable for dogs up to 65 lbs and 22in lengt


PaWz electric heated bed

Available in a range of sizes small, medium large and extra large.

Has a removeable heat pad. In warmer weather remove the heat pad and use it as a regular bed.

Fabric – inside is polar fleece with a generous, thick filling, outer material is polyester suede

Adjustable heat settings high/low/off . High for a quick rapid heating or low to maintain the warmth.

Maching washable cover

Bite resistant power cable

  • Small: 55 x 45 x 18 (Length x Width x Height)
  • Medium: 70cm x 60cm x 18cm (LxWxH)
  • Large: 90cm x 70cm x 22cm (LxWxH)
  • Extra large: 120cm x 80cm x 26cm (LxWxH)


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