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Needing a replacement mat for your dog bed?

Simply choose the size, shape and whether you require a singular or twin skin replacement.

Sizing Chart

Rectangular Dog Bed replacement mats

R1 61cm x 46cm (24″ x 18″) formerly B1       $70
R2 76cm x 61cm (30″ x 24″) formerly B2       $81
R3 91cm x 76 cm (36″ x 30″) formerly B3    $103
R4 106cm x 91cm (42″ x 36″) formerly B4   $130
R5 106cm x 91cm (42″ x 36″) formerly B5   $158

Rectangular Twin Skins

R1 twin skin replacement  $101
R2 twin skin replacement  $120
R3 twin skin replacement  $151
R4 twin skin replacement  $185
R5 twin skin replacement  $224

Circular Dog Bed replacement mats

C1 diameter 61cm/24 inches (formerly NS1)       $60
C2 diameter 76cm/30 inches (formerly NS2)       $76
C3 diameter 91cm/36 inches (formerly NS3)     $103
C4 diameter 106cm/42 inches (formerly NS4)   $131
C5 diameter 122cm/48 inches (formerly NS5)   $158

Circular Twin Skins

C1 twin skin replacement    $90
C2 twin skin replacement  $114
C3 twin skin replacement  $145
C4 twin skin replacement  $180
C5 twin skin replacement  $216

These replacement dog bed covers are made to order so shipping is expected in 1-2 weeks.

We offer a quality tradesmanship guarantee on this product.

FREE delivery Australia-wide for this product.  Use coupon: DELIVERY SPECIAL


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