Trampoline Dog Bed Rectangular


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The best dog beds that are built strong and tough for your dog.

These heavy duty dog beds feature

  • durable cotton-blend canvas – water repellant, breathable
  • strong galvanized steel tube frame
  • made in Australia product
  • an award winning design

Size R1 standard Rectangular Trampoline Dog Bed (formerly B1)

61cm x 46cm (24″ x 18″)
guaranteed weight limit – 20kg/45 pounds
suitable for toy breeds, most terriers, etc.

$112.00 + Freight

Size R2 standard rectangular Trampoline Dog Bed (formerly B2)

76cm x 61cm (30″ x 24″)
guaranteed weight limit – 40 kg/90 pounds
suitable for Cocker spaniels, Corgis, etc

$141.00 + Freight

Size R3 standard Rectangular Trampoline Dog Bed (formerly B3)

91cm x 76 cm (36″ x 30″)
guaranteed weight limit: 67kg/150 pounds
suitable for Labradors, Setters, German Shepherds, Dobermanns, etc

$185.00 + Freight

Size R4 standard Rectangular Trampoline Dog Bed (formerly B4)

106cm x 91cm (42″ x 36″)
guaranteed weight limit: 80 kg/180 pounds
suitable for Afghans, Borzois, Old English Sheepdogs, Salukis, etc

$240.00 + Freight

Size R5 standard Rectangular Trampoline Dog Bed (formerly B5)

122cm x 106cm (48″ x 42″)
guaranteed weight limit: 90 kg/200 pounds
suitable for St Bernards, Great Danes, or used by 2 or more dogs

$295.00 + Freight

These dog beds are made to order. Shipping is expected in 1-2 weeks.

We offer a quality tradesmanship guarantee on this product.


R1 standard, R2 standard, R3 standard, R4 standard, R5 standard


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