Faux Fur Cover for Circular Bed


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Warm up your dog’s bed with this faux fur cover. Also ideal for older dogs and those suffering with arthritis.

This cover is designed for circular dog beds of all sizes and available for circular beds with or without the warmawall attachment.

Features of the cover:

– faux fur cover
– fully washable
– shown with bed (bed not included)
– made to suit circular dog beds either with or without the Warmawall unit attachment

Sizing Chart:

  • C1  diameter 61cm/24 inches      $65
  • C2  diameter 76cm/30 inches      $75
  • C3  diameter 91cm/36 inches      $85
  • C4  diameter 106cm/42 inches  $105
  • C5  diameter 122cm/48 inches  $125

When choosing your product please indicate the size or your dog bed and whether you require the cover to fit the standard circular dog bed (standard).

To fit a circular dog bed with a warmawall attachment please order faux fur cover (ww).

This faux fur cover is made to order so shipping is expected in 1-2 weeks.

We offer a quality tradesmanship guarantee on this product.

SPECIAL: Price includes shipping Australia wide . Use coupon: DELIVERY SPECIAL


C1 faux fur cover (standard), C1 faux fur cover (ww), C2 faux fur cover (standard), C2 faux fur cover (ww), C3 faux fur cover (standard), C3 faux fur cover (ww), C4 faux fur cover (standard), C4 faux fur cover (ww), C5 faux fur cover (standard), C5 faux fur cover (ww)


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